Anna Yam

February 23, 2023 - April 14, 2023

Photos by Tal Nisim

Semel is proud to present: kitchens that are works of art. As the country’s leading company in the field of prestige hosting since the 1990s, we apply a holistic understanding of life’s circulation with an emphasis on new beginnings and a naturalistic tendency towards split ends. Welcome to the hill of possibilities, where the word “boutique” is not just a slogan. We invite you to choose from a variety of contents of monotonous service balconies and diagonal stairways. For you to be able to take advantage of the lacking infrastructure combined with the contemporary Neoliberal speak, we assembled all the abundance that can be offered into one aesthetic project.
In the heart of western Hadera - a prestigious area adjacent to the coastal highway, Beit Dahaf and The Leaking Tower - a new and modern compound titled “Top Shaanan” is currently being built. The area can be characterized as offering a dichotomous quality of life for the neighborhood's residents - thousands of square feet of artificial turf, parking lots laid with Subarus, ground-level cemeteries, plastic railing, and an option for exercising a glass ceiling in every bomb shelter unit. From the people who brought you the Jacuzzi in the motel room and the house dust mites in the curtains, we introduce a new feminine complex, made for the financially robust with a world-renowned reputation in the field of Push-up technology and Neuroaesthetics. 
The main motive of our group is to create a platform for the reform of desired projects, with a twisted perspective that is carefully catered to the potential client, be it a newsman, a strategic advisor or a fashion photographer. That is why, when you purchase your proportion from us, you automatically become a part of a success story. The combination between a Shabbat elevator, a security camera of the highest standard, highlights, and fishnet stockings, give birth to significant growth potential of catastrophic magnitude, which creates an illusion of opportunity and added value, plus a possibility of joining a direct track for a master’s degree in Gender and Pillar studies.